At Satori Energy, we aim to always provide the best pricing options for our clients. We leverage our expertise and focus our efforts to ensure that we always achieve this goal for each client.



Best Practices

Gaining an understanding of when and how you use energy, as well as your level of risk tolerance, helps us find a custom pricing solution for you. When we compare supplier bids, we make sure to account for all cost components, avoiding any surprises by presenting you with easy-to-understand, apples-to-apples comparisons.

Knowledge Capital

You can rest easy knowing that every supplier we recommend has been rigorously screened to make sure they are top-notch in every category, from financial strength to customer service to fair contract documents. We serve you throughout the purchasing process and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Client-Centric Approach

We have a client-first business culture. We don’t just say we are customer-focused — we live it and practice it. Creating this culture requires care when we select each team member and train them, motivate them, and ensure that each one lives up to our client-first environment. We show our clients that it’s easy to do business with us.

Market Timing

Timing is everything, especially with the volatile energy market. Prices change every hour, so we continuously monitor the energy market and stay on top of price influences such as regulatory factors, economic forecasting, regional supply and demand, and seasonality. The result is the best possible prices for you.