Electricity Aggregation


Energy savings that are better together

What is it?

Several states have enacted legislation which empowers municipalities with the authority to negotiate electricity rates on behalf of its residents and small businesses. Electricity aggregation uses the collective bargaining power of residents to negotiate lower electricity supply rates from retail suppliers. This creates purchasing power and economies of scale resulting in electric prices much lower than any individual customer could get on their own.

How does it work?

A community interested in electricity aggregation must first place a referendum on the ballot asking voters to give the community authority to run an aggregation program. Once the referendum passes, residents will have an opportunity to provide feedback. After the most competitive supplier is selected and a contract is signed, all eligible residents and small businesses are automatically enrolled in the aggregation program, unless they choose to opt out.

What are the benefits?

Electricity aggregation programs increase supplier competition which results in reduced electricity prices for residents and small businesses. Overall these programs significantly impact local economies because communities with lower electricity costs result in more disposable income for consumers.

Our sister company, Select Energy Partners, has years of experience in electricity aggregation from successfully developing and implementing programs in multiple Illinois municipalities.

If your town is interested in electricity aggregation, please contact Select Energy Partners or visit us on Facebook. We are eager to answer your questions and put your entire community on the way to energy savings.