Satori Energy 15 Year Anniversary

JULY 27, 2018

Fifteen short years ago, Satori Energy was founded by our CEO, David C. Wiers. Although the journey wasn’t always easy, the company has grown from serving a single client to a firm serving thousands of clients nationwide. We’ve asked founder, David C. Wiers, to reflect on our company’s last 15 years:

“To celebrate Satori’s 15-year anniversary, I reflected back when I decided to start Satori which seems like a lifetime ago.  I did not have a grand business plan with advanced financial modeling or multiple process flow charts diagraming a 5-year plan.  No, I had a few clients that I had worked with closely and the opportunity to serve as an outsourced energy manager for one client.  More importantly, I held the belief that if you do the right thing for the customer, everything else will take care of itself.  I had been around other companies that treated their customers poorly or tried to “win” on one side of the deal while the customer “lost.”   My desire and intent were to create a niche firm that did the right thing for the customer and worked to create “win-win” scenarios in each customer engagement.

From the beginning when Satori hired its first employee and first intern, my thought process and goal were to create an environment that challenged people to become the best versions of themselves on a professional level.  Over the first few years of existence, I accumulated additional thoughts and reflected on what Satori should be.  Satori’s greatest assets are its people – I take an interest in each and every one of our employees and these 5 phrases assist in keeping Satori committed to its core values and attributes:

  • Foster a workplace environment that allows people to be challenged every day and enjoy coming to work;

  • Create a culture which allows people to grow and develop personally and professionally;

  • Put people in a position to work to their strengths;

  • Have an open-door policy for informal feedback;

  • Consistently strive to improve Satori’s processes.

Over the years, the vernacular changed – customer became client.  Lead became prospect.  Growth and development became more defined.  But our core values remained the same.

Coming from a standpoint of encouraging life-long learning, Satori continues to challenge our employees to design creative solutions and think outside the box, and to provide the autonomy to create value for our clients.  At Satori we are always looking to improve – In 2016, I underwent a “Vivid Vision” process to define what Satori would look like in 2019.  This was immensely valuable as it forced me to change my paradigm and instead of asking “why”, it encouraged me to dream about things that seemed impossible and ask “why not.”

Satori’s continued evolution as an industry-leading energy consulting firm is attributed to the culture we have created and our people who constantly strive for excellence.  We are a product of our environment – by holding each other to high standards, Satori continues to forge ahead creating value for more clients and expanding the reach in clients we touch.  Someone recently asked me, 'Looking back – Is Satori today, what you thought it would be 15 years ago?'

I can honestly say that I really did not have specific goals in terms of the company size or number of employees.  My entire focus was on the customer and ensuring that Satori was solving problems for the end use customer.  However, I am very proud that this firm’s employees understand and value the same vision and that Satori has continued to evolve and improve over the last 15 years.”

Satori Energy Timeline


Over the last 15 years, we’ve grown from 3 employees to 30, gone from 1 client to nearly 15,000, and have saved our clients over $195 million in energy costs.

With a decade and a half behind us, the Satori Energy team is excited for the future as we continue to implement our company’s values of promoting personal and professional growth, striving to continually improve our processes, and providing our customers with maximum value.

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